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The SuggsJohnson team handles complex needs with easeÖ weíre always just a phone call away.


Big Firm Ability.  Small Firm Touch.

At SuggsJohnson, we believe that the best working relationships begin with communication.  Itís how we get to know you, your needs and your goals.  And itís how we can become a true and trusted advisor of your family and your business interests.

We work hard to remove financial uncertainty, and to help you gain confidence in your financial state.  To provide insight, and to offer counsel.  To ensure compliance, and to seize opportunity. And it all begins with good two-way communication.  We look forward to speaking with you very soon.


A Message from: D. Gray Suggs, CPA

With tax season past, now is the perfect time to discuss plans for a stronger financial future. A worthwhile conversation should include a look at the past, a glance at today, and a peek into the future.
What changes do you anticipate for income or expenses for this year? Should we prepare a tax estimate for the year to review adequacy of tax payments and identify strategies to reduce the tax burden?

How is cash flow? Do you have a plan to pay down debt, and are you holding adequate financial reserves?  Is life insurance adequate, and are you taking advantage of all tax laws?
How does the future look? We should examine tax and financial planning strategies to keep you on course with retirement planning, estate preservation, college education funding or simply saving for a rainy day.
Let us know if we can help you.  Give us a call today.