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Back in 1950 when Horace Gray Williams of Anderson began providing accounting services and advice across the Palmetto State, he earned a reputation as a friendly, trusted, high-integrity advisor to many. 

Since then, our firm has enjoyed consistent success serving clients ranging from individuals to start-ups to multi-state organizations.   And weve enjoyed that success because we remain resolutely focused on helping every client achieve the highest level of success possible.

When Forest Suggs, Jr. joined his father-in-laws firm in 1961, he greatly expanded the service offerings and technical resources available to clients. And in 1987, Gray Suggs, Sr. joined his father Forest in the practice, which later merged with a prominent regional firm.  

Finally, in late 2005 and after months of consideration, Gray partnered with noted CPA Brian Johnson and returned to his earliest roots, forming SuggsJohnson. Their mission?  To return to the truly trusted advisor relationship with clients they both preferred.  To get to know clients and their families and business issues more deeply than any regional firm could.  To provide knowledge, integrity and value through personal service. To make a difference.

The firm continues to thrive, and clients continue to succeed.  And while hes no longer with us, were confident that were he here, Horace Gray Williams would be pleased and proud of what he sees today.